$1M judgment for racially bullied special education student

In a victory for bullied school students that was aided in part by the Obama administration, a federal court of appeals has upheld a million dollar verdict that had been appealed by a New York state school district. It must now pay for the deliberate indifference that it exhibited as one of its students endured years of racial harassment. The Obama administration contributed to the case by filing a friend of the court brief, arguing on behalf of the lower court’s decision and that school districts can be found financially liable when they fail to take action reasonable efforts to end known student-to-student harassment.

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OCR issues new Section 504 activity report

On November 28, 2012, the Office of Civil Rights issued its every four year report on civil rights enforcement and educational rights. The report is entitled “Helping to Ensure Equal Access to Education.” The report includes a variety of important information on the subject of the work that OCR does and the quantity of complaints that it handles.

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